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BCC could do the job the way you want.


PolyVeo has been providing innovative billing software solutions to entreprises and telecommunications clients worldwide that enhance their ability in the market. Founders with extensive telecommunications and computer experience incorporated PolyVeo with the goal of offering a superior interrelated portfolio of services tailored to the specific requirements of the communications industry.

Today's competitive markets require that entreprises must constantly improve and enhance their products and services while adding new ones to attract and retain customers. To remain competitive they must provide exceptional customer service while working to lower operational costs. PolyVeo, as a supplier of world class computer based support solutions, has designed its products to achieve those objectives and to permit rapid deployment of the innovative services customers now demand.

PolyVeo is committed to our position as an integral strategic partner supplying state-of-the-art software and services to leaders of the evolving telecommunications industry.

The result of this approach has been the development of the flexible, advanced and cost effective Billing customer care (BCC) family of billing Software. The BCC system provides all the tools necessary for telecommunications organizations to manage the call rating, billing, reporting, customer support, taxation and cash management aspects of their business.

The flexibility of our BCC billing solutions allows clients to quickly develop new market opportunities in today's telecommunications, cable and information services environments. We provide convergent billing for: local, long distance, wireless, dedicated, data networks, VoIP, internet services, non-telecom products, cable and virtually any combination available now or in the future.

We remain committed to continuing to identify major industry trends and provide the state-of-the-art software solutions and services that facilitate our client's efforts to capitalize on the opportunities available today and tomorrow.


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