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Cyber Security is a truly global phenomenon that no longer is just an IT issue. Governments and corporations need to understand the possible risks to public safety or their business and how to keep ahead of threats. Citizens and customers want assurance that their personal data is secure. With cyber attacks reported daily, executives recognize that hard-earned trust can vanish with a single incident.

In government, no margin of error regarding public safety is acceptable. In the private sector, maximizing investments and balancing risk and costs are imperatives. In both sectors, organizations need IT partners with the insight, foresight and capabilities to anticipate cyber attacks and take decisive action when they do occur.

A cyber security partner you can trust
At PolyVeo, security is part of everything we do. For more than 20 years, we have helped clients manage complex security needs from audit and compliance requirements to policy and architecture, with a business-focused approach. We understand security from all angles—technology, business and legal—and have a 360 degree view of global and local threats in both the public and private sectors.

We help our clients to protect their business by assessing and analyzing the potential cyber risks, continuously monitoring for threats in real-time and putting in place the necessary defenses. Our end-to-end information security offerings include consulting, security engineering and managed security services. We cover both governance, risk and compliance and data risk management , as well as infrastructure protection. We also provide identity and access management solutions including biometrics, as well as cloud security and mobile security expertise.

With a business-focused approach, PolyVeo provides the expertise and capabilities required to implement and operate highly secure infrastructures, including the following:
  • Governance, risk and compliance – To increase regulatory compliance and reduce audit costs and findings
  • Data risk management – To protect information and critical assets and ensure confidentiality
  • Infrastructure protection management – To deliver the latest security network and systems technologies
Key Services
  •     Enterprise security strategy
  •     Security governance
  •     Regulatory compliance
  •     Security policies and procedures
  •     Secure architectures
  •     Technology selection
  •     Integration and deployment
  •     Authentication, PKI, digital signatures and encryption
  •     Application and transaction security
  •     Content protection
  •     Common criteria evaluation
  •     Smart cards and biometrics
  •     Threat and risk management
  •     Privacy
  •     Identity and access management
  •     Certification and accreditation
  •     Training and change management

Cloud Computing

Encrypted IP Telephony