Cloud Computing

Delivering peace of mind across your cloud computing.

PolyVeo's complete cloud computing solution and 20-plus years of IT infrastructure and managed services experience helps you successfully navigate the transition, integration and ongoing management of your cloud solution. Designed to meet the most demanding commercial and government requirements, PolyVeo's cloud services drive innovation, flexibility and savings, while providing for the security, availability and performance you need. Moving to the cloud can be challenging. PolyVeo stands out from other cloud computing companies because we have the experience, cloud services and superior accountability you need to fully leverage all of the advantages cloud computing affords..

Cloud Services

PolyVeo's cloud IT services focus on creating a strategy based on client-specific business priorities and opportunities. Our cloud consulting services provide for a cloud roadmap that moves your organization from pilot to production—helping you to evaluate all of the deployment options, including public clouds, private clouds, hybrid clouds, for all types of cloud service offerings, including IaaS (infrastructure as a service), PaaS (platform as a service) and SaaS (software as a service).

With PolyVeo as your cloud company partner, you'll receive expert guidance to move into the cloud and achieve predictable results. PolyVeo's cloud services consulting include the following:

Business readiness assessment (business strategy, proof of concept, quick wins)

Infrastructure and application readiness assessment (high-level business case, technical proof of concept)

Transition roadmap (full business case, proof of concept)

With more than 20 years of experience in providing infrastructure and software services for complex organizations and as a full cloud computing company provider, PolyVeo offers clients strategic coaching on transitioning to cloud computing, answering the "what," "how," "why" and "when." Key benefits of PolyVeo's cloud IT services include the following:

Full understanding of all business and technology aspects of cloud computing

Outline of the risks, benefits and implications of cloud computing to your specific organization

Expert advice and recommendations on cloud computing adoption

Clear transition roadmap

Full implementation support

High return on investment

PolyVeo has designed its cloud IT services to remove the complexity surrounding cloud computing and provide clear direction on the value it can bring to your specific organization. Key features of our services cloud consulting include the following:

Business-centric approach (business assessment conducted first)

Iterative approach to execution

End-to-end expertise, from business assessment to infrastructure delivery

PolyVeo-owned cloud facilities fully aligned with industry norms and standards

Ability to add resources as required to support multiple evaluations

Supported by PolyVeo's comprehensive suite of cloud computing offerings, including IaaS cloud (infrastructure as a service) and SaaS cloud (software as a service

Cloud Security

When considering moving to the cloud, many technology and business executives cite security as a primary barrier to taking advantage of the myriad of performance, cost and scalability benefits that cloud computing provides. With PolyVeo's cloud security approach and enterprise security offerings, clients have confidence that their data is protected. PolyVeo cloud security reduces risk, enhances information integrity and sharing, and complies with complex regulations.

PolyVeo delivers an end-to-end cloud solution built on secure cloud. We deliver:

Enterprise-strength security with technology to support the most demanding
   commercial and government organizations

Superior controls and production environments that are pre-tested and certified

Physical separation of software from commercial clouds

Greater redundancy and improved disaster recovery

Our security in the cloud offerings are built upon industry-leading certifications, accredited and security-cleared experts, and end-to-end security offerings, which include the following:

Managed security services to help clients manage the complex realm of security needs

Compliance, audits, policies and architecture

Round-the-clock monitoring of systems

Real-time reporting and immediate action on suspicious activity.

Enterprise risk management services: including IT security product evaluation and testing,

Comprehensive information security services

Business continuity

Disaster recovery services

Identity and access management to provide clients with an environment where the appropriate controls are put into place.

Cyber Security

Educational Institutions

Storage: 1600 TB +