VEO-Fleet System

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VEO-Fleet System:

The VEO-Fleet vehicle tracking system uses satellite technology to provide real-time fleet vehicle location and record historical vehicle activity  VEO-Fleet Tracking is an excellent way for fleet owners and managers to monitor their trucks, vehicles, and equipment. GPS technology is becoming the standard in fleet management and allows fleet managers the ability to conduct tracking affordably and efficiently. The vehicle GPS tracking units transmit data to the VEO-Fleet system. This information can be accessed 24 hours a day through any internet connection around the world to provide you with idle time reports.


Reduce rising fleet expenses

Increased employee productivity

Raises fleet efficiency

Increased driver safety

Reduce excess use of fuel

Improved utilization of the fleet

Reduce car and truck operating costs

Better customer service

Reduce time spent at unauthorized locations

Reduced overtime and billing errors

Expedite stolen vehicle recovery


Reduced paperwork and reporting

Allows car and truck drivers to take vehicle home

Lower fuel bills

Locate where your cars and trucks have been anytime, anywhere

Stop unauthorized vehicle use


The VEO-Fleet line of products provides GPS fleet management that reduces fleet costs and raises fleet efficiency.

 Real-time vehicle tracking

 Excessive speed alerts

 Boundary and geofencing with automated alerts

 Device Inputs can be used for: overheat, weight, fuel, temperature, etc.

 Device Outputs can be used for: unlock door, sound alarm, disable vehicle, etc.

 Optional driver/dispatch voice communications

 Optional MDT display for driver/dispatch text messaging

 Web access 24 hours a day


Cyber Security

Cloud Computing

Storage: 1600 TB +