Improve your knowledge and fill in the gaps with PolyVeo training.

PolyVeo provides a wide range of high-quality on-site training in telecommunications, billing systems, software services, internet, wireless, broadband, VoIP. Based on the needs of the customer the training could be tailed for engineers, non-engineers and decision making people.

With our valuable cohesive picture and structured long-lasting understanding, we have built a solid reputation for delivering high-quality training programs that are a resounding success.

PolyVeo training is designed to meet your needs to:

Gain the big picture view of communications and networking you can put to use today ... and into the future.

Build the career-enhancing knowledge tools you need to succeed in the fast-changing world of communications.

Build a structural understanding of telecommunications and networking, allowing you to make meaningful comparisons and informed decisions.

Understand mainstream solutions to today's requirements, and obtain templates you can put to immediate use.

Obtain detailed workbooks / textbooks which will serve as a valuable reference for years.

Fill in the gaps, and see how it all fits together. Develop a solid understanding of new the technologies.

Build a strong team-building exercise.

Cyber Security

Cloud Computing

Storage: 1600 TB +