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VEO-DRB Disaster Recovery, Replication, High Availability and Failover:

VEO-DRB protects data and applications such as Exchange, SQL Server, and Oracle enabling our customers to replicate and protect mission-critical data that resides throughout their enterprise. It combines continuous real-time backup and automatic failover capabilities for disaster recovery, high availability, and centralized backup. It delivers better protection than many hardware-based solutions, and it costs tens of thousands less.


Real-Time Data Protection


Replicates continuously at the byte level over any shared or private IP-based LAN, WAN or SAN, ensuring that changed data is protected and can be quickly restored at all times.

Continuous Data Protection


Guarantees business continuity and high availability by restoring access to data in minutes with failover capabilities to maintain a seamless working environment.

Easily Installed and Maintained


Allows companies of any size looking for data protection solutions to install and maintain their systems.

Cost Effective


Provides the best possible protection at the lowest cost with an accelerated return on investment - paying for itself within months.


Power outages, fire, flood, etc., can cause sudden unplanned outages that wreak havoc on day-to-day operations. However, a rolling disaster, which is defined as a gradual data corruption that happens over a prolonged period of time, undetected until a catastrophic failure finally occurs,it is particularly difficult to recover from, because by the time it is detected, it can be too late to recover the data at the DR site could already be corrupted. 

There is a solution: The VEO Disaster Recovery Software Solution, consisting of Synchronous Mirroring; Asynchronous Mirroring; and database-aware, transaction-based Replication, defends against a rolling disaster without the expense or integration of additional software or hardware.

And, whether it's to achieve established recovery point objectives (RPO) or recovery time objectives (RTO), the VEO DR Solution provides rapid resumption of business in the event of a sudden unplanned outage with minimal data loss, by delivering the functionality required to comprehensively address all phases of a disaster: pre-, during, and post disaster.

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