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An efficient call center (or contact center) is a complex environment that requires vast technical resources to design and maintain. Few companies possess the necessary skills to seamlessly integrate different types of customer contact technology (phone, email, and online chat) and provide the required expertise in process engineering, personnel management, and technology automation in order to deploy a successful call center.

PolyVeo is a leader in call center solutions because:

 We provide comprehensive design and implementation consulting and on-site operations management for companies that need to build an internal contact center or modify an existing one.

 We have a distinct technical advantage over other call center vendors because of our extensive hands-on experience and considerable service record.

 Our ability to provide our clients with totally integrated call center solutions gives us a competitive advantage in this rapidly growing environment.

Distributed Call Centers: PolyVeo currently maintains and performs the back office operations for distributed call centers.

Predictive Dialers: Our clients call on us to maintain their predictive dialers including installation, maintenance, cabling, custom scripting, lead preparation and all downstream systems physically attached to the dialers. Setup of agent monitoring utilizing clients PBX as well as agent call recording.

Custom Database Applications: In support of the call centers reporting requirements, PolyVeo designs, develops, and maintains all necessary database applications for reporting and statistical purposes.

Application Integration: Our developers could integrate proprietary softwares into other software systems.

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